Review: Montblanc Antoine de Saint Exupery

My thanks to Ana of the Well Appointed Desk for the ink sample exchange.

Montblanc Antoine de Saint Exupery, such a mouthful. It is a dark wine-purple colour. It shades well going from a dark almost black-red/purple to a faded dusty pink/purple colour. Personally this isn’t a very unique ink in my opinion. I’m pretty sure there are other similar shades from other more affordable brands.

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Review: Bookbinders Everglade Ratsnake

My thanks to Glenn for the ink sample.

Wow Bookbinder’s Everglade Ratsnake, what a mouthful. This is an Australian made ink that I’ve not tried before. Everglade Ratsnake is a dry eye-searingly bright orange ink. I made the initial mistake of filling it in a dry F nib. Never again. That particular combination was unusable. Given its dryness, I tried it again in a B nib and it was way better. In a B nib, it shades very subtly but it is mostly a flat colour. I enjoy the way the ink pops but given its dryness I’d advise to choose the pen you fill this ink up in carefully.

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Review: Scribes’ Ink Macallan Scottish Whisky

My thanks to Straits Pen for the ink sample.

Scribes’ Ink Macallan Scottish Whisky is a scented ink. Obviously it’s made to smell like Macallan Whisky but how accurate it is, I have no idea. It’s a brown ink on the yellow end of things. It shades well going from a light yellow-brown to a saturated soil like brown. Scribes’ Ink Macallan Scottish Whisky is really similar to Pilot Iroshizuku Ina-Ho and you all know my thoughts on that ink and that family of colours. It’s safe to say Scribes’ Ink Macallan Scottish Whisky isn’t my favourite ink in terms of colour but this is a completely serviceable ink.

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