Review: Robert Oster Signature Hippo Purple

This is Hippo Noto’s exclusive Robert Oster Signature ink. It is named Hippo Purple. At first I thought for an ink named purple, it doesn’t look very purple but Robert Oster Signature had revealed that the brief was for the ink to look like the purplish skin of an actual hippo. Thus, it doesn’t look overwhelmingly purple. Knowing the brief, I believe the colour fits well to its name.

Hippo Purple is a dry ink. It shades subtly. I recommend filling this in a wet pen. Hippo Purple is not quite purple, not quite brown. This is a truly unique colour that I’m having a tough time finding similar inks.

Review: Robert Oster Signature Motor Oil

My thanks to Glenn for the ink sample.

Robert Oster Motor Oil is a deep dark brown-green colour. And it looks just like motor oil or sludge. This is most definitely not my favourite colour. It looks like a very dark Pilot Iroshizuku Ina Ho. And it is giving me the Ina-Ho vibes. (I don’t like Ina-Ho.) It shades very subtly with a hint of lighter brown-green surfacing from time to time. It is probably best not to use it in a EF or F nib cause you lose all shading. Plus this is a relatively dry ink. It’s not my kind of colour but it is a rather unique ink.

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Review: Straits Pen Shitty Sepia

My thanks to Sunny for providing me the sample for review.

Another ink from Straits Pen, this time with the humorous name of Shitty Sepia. I really enjoy the naming conventions so far. Shitty Sepia isn’t all that shitty. It shades well, going from a dark not quite black brown to a muted brown with a strong grey undertone. It goes down nice and saturated but dries to a more muted colour. Shitty Sepia is slightly wetter and writes slightly more lubricated than Poor Man’s Sapphire.

Review: Straits Pen Poor Man’s Sapphire

My thanks to Sunny for providing me the sample for review.

Straits Pen is a local company that sells fountain pens and related supplies. They have been my go-to place for all things TWSBI because Sunny provides nib grinding services as well. So they have released a series of ink recently and I am fortunate enough to get a sample prior to release.

Poor Man’s Sapphire is obviously named to invoke the similarity between Parker Penman Sapphire and this particular ink. It is a bright blue that shades a little. It is a dry ink so it works well for lefites, just take care not to fill it in dry pens. Also all Straits Pen inks are mixable.

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Review: Franklin Christoph Midnight Emerald

My thanks to Ana of the Well Appointed Desk for the ink sample exchange.

This is my first time trying a Franklin Christoph ink. I must say this ink colour is right up my alley. It is a dark teal colour that shades relatively well. It goes from a deep dark green to a muted grey-green. It is an ink on the drier side of things, making it a good ink for lefties.

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