Review: KWZ Chicago Blue

My thanks to Ana of The Well Appointed Desk for the ink sample.

KWZ Chicago Blue is a standard dark blue ink. It is mostly flat and doesn’t shade very much. It does have the standard KWZ ink scent and so if you don’t like it, stay away. This colour feels excellent for corporate use. Also if you are looking to buy a bottle of KWZ Chicago Blue, you’re probably out of luck. This was made exclusively for the Chicago Pen Show 2017.


Similar Inks:

Review: 3 Oysters Purple Grey

My thanks to Glenn for the ink sample.

3 Oysters is a Korean ink brand that is just starting to surface on my radar. Purple Grey is like its name purple and grey. The purple can be just the barest of hints. 3 Oysters Purple Grey is dry without a doubt. It is an excellent ink to tame wet nibs and for lefties in general. Personally I don’t think Purple Grey is a very unique colour but if you are looking for a dry ink that’s corporate friendly, 3 Oysters Purple Grey will be an interesting choice.

Review: Robert Oster Signature Hippo Purple

This is Hippo Noto’s exclusive Robert Oster Signature ink. It is named Hippo Purple. At first I thought for an ink named purple, it doesn’t look very purple but Robert Oster Signature had revealed that the brief was for the ink to look like the purplish skin of an actual hippo. Thus, it doesn’t look overwhelmingly purple. Knowing the brief, I believe the colour fits well to its name.

Hippo Purple is a dry ink. It shades subtly. I recommend filling this in a wet pen. Hippo Purple is not quite purple, not quite brown. This is a truly unique colour that I’m having a tough time finding similar inks.