Review: Pen BBS No 178 Rose Quartz

My thanks to Ana of Well Appointed Desk for the ink sample.

Rose Quartz is a very odd and unique ink. It’s pastel grey-red colour. It goes down more grey than red but eventually drying to a rose colour. It isn’t very bright. It is a shading ink but objectively it is really hard to read against white paper. This is an ink that works best with a wetter ink. Right now this isn’t an ink that is suitable for day to day writing. It feels like it is being undone for the sale of being unique. Personally, I am not a fan.

Review: Papier Plume Bayou Nightfall

My thanks to Ana of The Well Appointed Desk for the ink sample.

Papier Plume is an American stationary store. They have a wide variety of inks. Bayou Nightfall is one of them. It is a nice blend of green and blue. It hovers on the edge of the two colours. It is also understated enough for corporate use but it can look rather light depending on the nib size you use. I really enjoy this colour though Bayou Nightfall is a rather dry ink. Pick the pen you fill this ink with accordingly.

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