Review: Louis Vuitton Or Audaciux

My thanks to Louisa for the ink sample.

Or Audaciux is french for bold gold. Does it look gold to you or is it just brown? GOld is a very trickey colour to get right. Putting aside how true to gold this ink looks to you, Louis Vuitton Or Audaciux is a beautiful shading ink. It feels relatively lubricated. If I am a gold / brown ink lover, this ink will be on my radar. However, I’m not. Also one has to take the hefty price tag into consideration as well.

Louis Vuitton Or Audacicus-3.jpg

Review: St Dupont Turquoise

My thanks to Rongli for the ink sample.

St Dupont Turquoise is a bright turquoise on the blue end of the blue-green spectrum of turquoise. It is a relatively wet ink but it dnd’t write well in my Pilot Myu 701 F despite it being a dry nib like this TWSBI Mini 1.1mm nib. In the Myu 701, it writes but the feedback it produces with this ink is a little too much to be enjoyable. I think it is just a case of bad ink and pen combination, no fault of the ink really. That said, even in the F Japanese nib it has shading. With the right pen, this ink will be a great shading ink.

Similar Inks:

Review: Straits Pen Honest Ink Slowpoke Green

My thanks to Sunny for the ink sample.

Now Slowpoke Green is right up my alley. I love greens in the green-yellow range especially the darker ones.It shades really nicely even in my European fine nibs. It goes from a dark forest green to a muted sort og grass green. And with its excellent dry time, I think this is an ink that’s made just for me.

Review: Chesterfield Antique Copper

Chesterfield is a now discontinued line of inks. It belongs to xFountainpens and that company is now no longer in operation. That being said Antique Copper is a good shading brown ink. It’s a bright ink, not quite corporate enough to fly under the radar. It goes from an almost orange-brown to a strong reddish-brown. The warm tones of Chesterfield Antique Copper gives me a nice homely feeling.