Review: Diamine Lapis Blue

Lapis Blue is an ink made specifically for the Philippines. I got this sample thanks to Leigh Reyes when I purchased a pen from her last year. Lapis Blue is a saturated blue ink that shades beautifully even in my Japanese F nib. It goes from a deep dark blue to a slightly lighter royal blue. It’s definitely lubricated and the dry times are longer. It’s a nice ink if you are a big fan of blue inks but I don’t think it will be hard to get a bottle of similar enough blue ink.

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Review: Aurora Black

This is my first experience using Aurora inks. Aurora is an Italian fountain pen maker. They are known for making their nibs in house. They also makes inks namely blue, black and the latest addition blue-black. This particular bottle of Aurora Black came as part of my pen purchase.

Black inks in general isn’t my go to colour for most of anything. However my pen needed a lubricated ink and Aurora Black is known for its lubrication.

Aurora Black is a dark black. What the hell is a dark black? Isn’t black dark? I just mean saturated. Though saturated it shades slightly in broader nibs. It makes whatever pen I fill it with write smoother than before. This is an excellent ink for dry nibs. Personally, I am not a fan of black inks but if I needed a lubricated ink this will be my go to ink.

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Review: Kyo Iro Moonlight of Higashiyama

My thanks to Glenn for the ink sample!

Kyo Iro is a Japanese ink series inspired by the sights of Kyoto. It’s sold by TAG Stationary. Moonlight of Higashiyama is part of a 5 colour ink series. It’s a dark orange / burnt orange ink that shades easily even in a Japanese fine nib. It goes from a strong red - brownish orange to a light brown. Personally it’s not my kind of brown or orange but it is definitely an interesting colour for the ink collection.

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Review: Inky Fingers - Currently Inked Log

A couple of months ago I was collating a few US purchases. Among the purchases was the Inky Fingers’ Currently Inked log in the Traveler’s Notebook size. Inky Fingers is Matt Armstrong of the Pen Habit’s notebooks line. Inky Fingers offers notebooks in 2 sizes namely the Traveler’s Notebook size (roughly the height of a A5 notebook but minus 20% of the width, 110x210mm) and the pocket size 89x140mm. They come in blank, lined and ink log formats. The Traveler’s Notebook size costs USD$8 and the pocket size costs USD$5.

I have been trying to maintain an ink log for the longest time. I find myself constantly switching notebooks. I fill maybe 10 pages or less before moving onto a new one. I am just leaving a trail of hardly used notebooks in my wake. With the Currently Inked Log I hope I will be more disciplined with my logging since it has a more structured approach to ink logging.

The Currently Inked Log comes with a glossy card stock exterior with a green background and artwork printed on it. It looked as if the resolution of the artwork wasn’t quite high-res enough because the printing looked slightly blurred when viewed up close but that’s totally nitpicking. Inside is ”44 pages of environmentally-friendly and sustainable wheat straw paper, which is made from the agricultural byproducts of wheat farming” (taken directly from the website) It is also advertised as more absorbent which results in shorter dry times without feathering or bleed through. I found the latter to be totally dependent on the ink used. I have had inks such as J.Herbin Emerald of Chivor, J. Herbin Vert Olive, Caran d’Ache Sunset and Levenger Amethyst bleed through in spots. It isn’t very bad bleed through just in some parts.

In my previous efforts to keep an ink log I only write down the name of the ink and the pen used so I enjoy the structured approach that the Currently Inked log has. The page holds 4 entries per page and provide space for pen, nib, ink, date inked, date cleaned and a swatch. The date cleaned is one that I always neglected to fill in because I only fill it in when I ink up a new pen. By the time I return to the log again I might have already washed the pen. Numbering the pages is a nice touch.

For the price that the Currently Inked Log is going for I think it is a good deal. I don’t ink up my pens often because I don’t write all that much day to day. Be that as it may, it is a usual log to have especially when I go to pen meet and people ask me what ink is in which pen. I look forward for my Currently Inked log to be filled up and this time I will be sticking to just that one notebook. No more semi used notebooks all over the space.

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Review: KWZ Menthol Green

This is a sample from Ana and I am quite sure she can read my mind. This is 3 for 3 samples that I need to buy a bottle of! Ana, my wallet thanks you. This is my first experience with KWZ inks. The first thing that hits you before the actual colour is the scent. I think it smells like vanilla while others thought it smells like chocolate. This is a tough ink to use when you are hungry.

Menthol Green is a bright turquoise ink that leans heavily on the green side. It pops really well on the paper and shades very beautifully. Now I am on the hunt for more KWZ inks! If you have any recommendations do leave them in the comments!

I notice that KWZ Menthol Green has a significant change in colour after a few days. When it goes down it is a rather deep teal colour but after a few days it changes to a light turquoise colour. Personally I much prefer the colour it looks like when it is wet. I've added a fresh line of ink into the written review.

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Review: J. Herbin Vert Olive

Vert means green in french and J. Herbin Vert Olive is aptly named. It is a yellow green ink that’s lighter than Rohrer and Klinger Alt-Goldgrün. It is comparatively yellower and lighter. It shades slightly in my EF nib but I realise it will fare better with the broader nib options. Personally, I don’t really like Vert Olive’s shade but it is way more readable than Pilot Iroshizuku Chiku Rin. This is a happy medium between Alt-Goldgrün and Chiku Rin.

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