My GTD apps

I like to think of myself as a productivist but I know I’m not. I am just a junkie for productivity apps. I enjoy trying and using different productivity apps, see Apps and me.

This is how I use my apps to make me seem productive.

Taskpaper: This is where I keep my to-do lists where the tasks are not time sensitive. I like Taskpaper because I can enter my lists as plain texts but still enjoy having tags on my .txt files. I use Taskpaper on both my Mac and my iOS devices. I had tried mixing my taskpaper txt files with my other regular notes using NValt but it wasn’t a happy mix for Nvalt. I gave up trying to fix it and kept the files seperate.

Due: I enter all my time sensitive tasks as well as my recurring bills into Due. I have Due only on my iPhone 5. Due for Mac is on my wishlist. I’ll be getting it soon.

NValt: This is where I store all my notes and wishlists on the Mac. I keep them as plain text files to keep the file sizes small on my Mac. The notes are synced to my iOS devices using Dropbox.

Dropbox: The place all my notes and lists reside. I used to use Scotty to transfer my photos taken using my iPhone 5 to my Mac but now I just rely on Dropbox. Dropbox is the central node of my system. Nothing works without it.

Soulver: I use Soulver on my Mac and iOS devices as my budgeting app. I enter my transaction into Soulver and it churns out what’s left of my budget at the bottom of the document. It’s a sad number every single time.

Drafts: For lightning fast notes capture, I use Drafts. Any temporary notes also reside here. I keep some commonly typed texts in Drafts. It makes for a great launchpad to many other apps. It’s kind of like a poor man’s TextExpander

I keep changing and switching how I use my apps constantly. My system works well as it is but I just can’t help tinkering. If you are at all curious about the apps I mentioned above, just check them out.