Difficult elderly person

I live with my grandparents. Actually, just my grandmother since my grandfather had passed away 5 years ago. My grandmother wasn't a very difficult person to live with but recently she has behaved and acted worse and worse.

She require a domestic helper to help her shower, dress and prepare her meals. For a while, that was all. Then, she needed to wear adult diapers which she hated. She would wear them and then rip them off in the night. Now, it has become so bad that she would refuse to sleep at night, insisting on walking in and out of her room on her walker. And she would fall.

She would throw tantrums, slam the door, shout regardless the time of the day or night, pinch or slap anyone just to get her way.

This has been going on for quite a while. It is draining for everyone mentslly, physicslly snd financially. The whole family is getting tired, or rotatable by all her antics. We are all at our wits' ends.

I tried searching for a help group or a course or any literature on how to handle a difficult elderly person in Singapore. I couldn't find any. Is there no resources for us? Singapore has an aging population, shouldn't there be more information for this?

Anyone has more information on this?