iPad mini thoughts

I’ve got my 16 Gb slate black iPad mini one week ago from hardwarezone forum at $455 which includes the screen protector. I know, I know, I have been told that I should have asked for a lower price, still I didn’t want to bully the seller. Anyway, my thoughts on the iPad mini is what this post is for.

It was slightly heavier than I thought but not by much more. Maybe I was using a Kindle for my reading needs that’s why I had expected it to be lighter.

The iPad mini was also rather pricey, though which Apple products wasn’t pricey? By paying the Apple tax, you will be enjoying excellent build quality and the immerse iOS ecosystem.

Reading magazines Anyone who has tried to read a magazine on the iPhone and iPad mini at the same time, would know what a huge difference it makes. The extra real estate on the iPad and iPad mini makes what was once impossible on the iPhone into a pleasurable experience.

Reading books I have been using the Kindle to read novels and I have always enjoyed the e-ink screen and the extreme lightness of the device. With the announcement of the iPad mini I was faced with the decision to either let go of the Kindle or use both devices in tandem. After a week of use, the Kindle’s screen still trumps the ability to do everything in one device. And of course, nothing beats the battery life of a Kindle.

The iPad mini is a well designed product, the form factor is just right for reading and portable media consumption. Though the ipad mini doesnt hsve s retinz screen, the average user wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. The best way to tell is to put your eyes up close with the screen and you can tell the texts are not pixel sharp. Personally, I hardly noticed that I was using a non-retina device and I read a lot.

Written on an iPad mini.