Cookie the therapy dog

Cookie Cookie is my adopted pet Pomeranian. She is 4 years old and the best thing that has happened in my life.

Initially, we adopted Cookie purely out of chance. I got a call from a friend asking if I wanted to do a trial run with Cookie. I had initially adked if i could do a trial run with her other dog. If it didn’t worked out, she would find another home for Cookie. A quick look at my family. My mother is afraid of all furry animals. My father retired recently so he is home a lot. My brother is still studying. My grandmother, her behavior is erratic at best then. My domestic helper who has to cook, wash and carry out all manner of errands to keep the house running.

Yes, we did a trial run. Cookie turned out to be very suitable for my mother. She doesn’t run towards humans, rather she walks or trots if she even approach at all. More often then not, Cookie would run away when approached. And I am so glad I said yes.

My initial idea was to have Cookie be a therapy dog for my grandmother. My grandmother would have a warm body accompanying her constantly. However, my grandmother didn’t take to Cookie. She would kick or hit Cookie if she is jealous, so Cookie generally avoided my grandmother.

Cookie became a therapy dog for the rest of the family as my grandmother got increasingly difficult to handle. Whenever my grandmother did something to make me angry, I would go carry Cookie. The anger would just drain from me.

So that’s Cookie’s job now. She is all that’s stands between the family and insanity.

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