A trip to the dentist

<p>It seems that I cannot afford to keep my teeth healthy and whole. </p>

<p>It’s the end of the year. It’s that time where every working adult realised that they have unclaimed dental benefits and everyone starts setting up dental appointments. I am one of them. I set up an appointment at a dental clinic near my office at Chinatown when my usual one had no available slots for me till 2013. </p>

<p>I found out that the clinic charged a consultation fee for all first time customers. That’s $20 gone without anything done. Then, scaling and polishing was $60 - $100, mine was $70. Then I was prescibed a mouth wash because my wisdom tooth is swollen. That’s another $10. The total came up to $100 + $7 (for <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goods_and_Services_Tax_(Singapore)">GST</a>)</p>

<p>All that is fine, since I have dental coverage of $100 every year. However, the dentist found 5 holes that needed filling. The dentist advised me to do an x-ray first before doing the filling so that he has something to go by. I had also asked him if my wisdom teeth needed removing. He told me the reason my wisdom teeth keep swelling on and off is due to the food getting stuck and rotting the teeth. It is probably wiser to remove them now before the infection spreads to the neighbouring tooth. Then, you would have to remove the neighbouring tooth as well. </p>

<p>How much does it costs to fill a teeth? $50 - $100 per teeth. So that’s 250 at a minimum. X-rays are going at $60 each. Finally, the extraction of all 4 wisdom teeth is a grand total of about $1000. </p>

<p>Conclusion, I <em>can’t afford</em> to keep my teeth healthy. </p>