Review - Ultimate Ears 400

First thoughts

Recently, my Sennheiser CX–300 has bitten the dust after a year of solid use. Instead of just sending the CX–300 in for repairs, I have decided to get another pair of IEM (In Ear Monitors) and keep the repaired CX–300 as a spare pair.

I started trudging through Hardwarezone Forum, looking through reviews and recommendations. I have finally settled down on House of Marley Smile Jamaica and Ultimate Ears 400 as the final 2 contenders for my money. I went down to the ION branch of Stereo to give both a test. I found the House of Marley’s bass rather exaggerated so I picked the Ultimate Ears 400.

I liked the look of the earphones. The UE 400 has silver chrome like material on the ear buds itself and black rubbery flat cables. It comes with a hard case with rubber interior as well as many different sizes of silicone tips and one pair of foam tips.

One month later

I can truly say that the cables are tangle free. They might get twisted but that’s better than tangled. I have been using the silicone ear buds (XS) and they are comfortable and secure in your ears. It has a decent amount of sound isolating properties but not to the point where it’s dangerous.


I heartily recommend the UE 400 to anyone that is looking to replace their Sennheiser CX300.