Apps and me

I’ve only been actively reading tech news very recently. (Thanks to Reeder and RSS) Through that I’ve intent on trying out new and interesting apps.

It started when I was trying to get back into the writing habit earlier this year. So I thought if I got myself a distraction free writing app it might help me. Obviously that didn’t worked out as I planned but that led me down the rabbit hole.

From researching which is the best distraction free writing app on the mac, it spread to iOS. I become bent on buying or rather collecting all manner of writing and productivity apps.

I’ve gone from Byword to Launch Center Pro to 1password to Instapaper to Tweetbot. I was relentless.

That led me to discover many podcasts on the 5by5 and 70 decibels networks. And that to finding more sites to follow and many internet celebrities’ blogs to read. It is a rabbit hole that I am still deep in and very much enjoying.

Side note I highly encourage everyone to check out the apps mentioned above. I don’t get any thing out of you clicking on the links but good apps must be shared.