Reading and Me

Reading is more than a hobby. It is something essential to my way of life. It feeds my soul in ways that a good movie or game cannot. I started reading at a young age. My father is a avid reader and visits to the library were frequent when I was a child. That started my life long love of reading. Books and comics bring me to an alternate world in a sustained and detailed manner that is just different from any other medium.

My favourite genre has got to be fantasy and science fiction. From epic fantasy to hard science fiction I devour them all. Some of my favourite authors include:

I got into Marvel comics in my teens. I read X-men and my favourite character is Gambit. I stopped reading comics for a long time after my teens but I recently got back into reading them when I discovered Comixology. Comixology saves me the trouble from having to find space for my comics. It makes life so much easier to just read my comics off my iPad Mini. I am now back into reading X-men and discovering new and exciting titles.

At the same time, I started reading manga (Japanese comics) that were translated to chinese. I had always been a potato eater (Jiak Kan Tan) aka english speaker. My chinese was horrible both written and spoken. That all changed when I discovered manga and it helped me more than all the tuition I had when I was taking my O’ Levels. Some of my favourite series include:

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