Review - MacBook Pro Retina Screen Part 2

My new retina Macbook Pro has arrived! In all its 2.6Ghz, 16GB ram, 256GB SSD glory. It’s lightning fast! Setting it up was a breeze with Time Machine. I am totally blown away by the differences between my old and new Macbook Pro. The retina display is rendering all my apps and text tack sharp. The 16GB ram is allowing me to open all manner of apps all at the same time. Even, the weight of the MacBook Pro is sooo much lighter than my old MacBook Pro. I can’t believe how thin the MacBook Pro is. Starting up is fast, clocking in at under 15s from power off to ready to work.

This is definitely a big upgrade from my old laptop. I am glad I got the new MacBook Pro. Everyone should have a chance to work on a laptop this fast.