Passion is contagious. It is infectious. I have people in my life that are filled to the brim with that sort of passion and energy. I am lucky that way. When they share their enthusiasm with me, I can’t help but be pulled along by their excitment. The word “hobby” or “past time” would be too light a word to categorise the activity. Be it music or movies or film, the activity means so much to them. It is the very essence of their being, without the activity that inspires them, they wouldn’t be themselves.

However, they do not only just affect you with their passion but they also encourage others to try in the area of their interest. In fact, they are so happy when others show the least bit of interest in what they love. When I talk to them about their area of intense interest, I would be thinking that I should better myself in any tiny way possible, just so I can be more like them. Not only just bettering myself, I would be convinced that I am totally capable of attaining at least a certain level of skill in playing the guitar or I would be able to actually complete my novel or do whatever I put my mind to, though I have had many such attempts fail.

These people inspire me. Their energy fuel me. I am envious and just a little jealous. I wish I can be like them one day, some day. And have something that I am that passionate about. In the end, I am thankful for the passionate people in my life.