To share or not to share?

I write my blog to share my thoughts and opinions on certain subjects. However, my experiences in my day to day life and my day job are also sources of my blog posts. I find it hard seperating what is ok for me to write about and what isn’t.

Is it ok to write about things that happened to me directly even though it might involve others? Is it ok as long as I don’t mention their names? Is it as long as I do not mention their background? This is a conundrum for me.

For an example, I am doing online dating at the moment. Is this too private for me to share? However, this is an event or on-going event that involves me and nobody else that I know in real life. What if the person doing online dating is a friend? A family member? A colleague? What right do I have putting the events of their life that they told me in private and me putting up here for the world to read about? On the other hand, what if I had some strong opinion about it?

Anyone has the same problem?

Maybe this is an issue of the nature of my blog. Maybe I need to pick a topic and stick to it like the many tech blogs I read. But I do see the bloggers of their respective blogs talking about their children. So where do you draw the line? Is there a right place for the line to be?

That also brings up the issue of posting photos of your children online. Does the parents have the right to do that for their children? But that’s going down another rabbit hole.

Anyone has any thoughts on this?