Kickstarter - Nock Co

All pen nerds rejoice! Brad Dowdy, master pen addict and Jeffrey Bruckwicki, master sewer have recently joined forces and created a new company - Nock co. They have launched a fantastic Kickstarter to raise money for their new business. Nock Co. has introduced 6 varying models of pen cases.

The Chimneytop is the standard zip pouch type pen case that most Singaporean adults are using. The is the one that I would go for because I can use it for a wide variety of travel purposes.

The Maryapple is a bi-fold notebook case. It is not really a pen case though I am sure you can clip your pens into the pouches. The Maryapple is more of a notebook protector pouch. I am not too interested in the Maryapple because the notebooks I use tend to have a hard cover so this is probably not necessary for me. And I don't keep my old notebooks around when I am done with them

The Lookout is a 3 pen holster style pen case. I am really looking forward to get my grubby hands on it. I have been hunting high and low for a suitablely affordable pen holster for my everyday carrying needs.

The Hightower is a 3 pen + 1 notebook case. It allows you to keep your notebook and pens all in one case. I think this would be one of the most popular choices it is the best of both worlds.

The Sassafras is a 5 pens bi-fold case. For anyone who couldn't decide which 3 pens they want to bring along, they can check out the Sassafras (no idea how this is pronounced).

The Brasstown is a zippered roll case. A good combination if you want the ease of use of a zip case and the protection of individual holder for each individual pen. The Brasstown seems to be an intriguing option for one when I posted the link to the Kickstarter page on the Singapore Fountain Pen Lovers group's Facebook page.

Note, I do not have a physical pen case in front of me. Everything above just my opinions based on the photos on the Kickstarter page

Personally, I have backed the USD$50 tier where I would get the Chimneytop small, Chimneytop medium, The Lookout, The Sassafras and The Brasstown. I am still on the fence I want to switch to the USD$75 tier. I really want to give the Hightower a try. Hopefully I can get it seperately once the campaign has ended. I highly recommend anyone who is interested to click through and check out the pen cases. Back the Kickstarter to get a good deal on these well designed pen cases.

Regardless, congratulations to Nock Co. but a successful launch of their Kickstarter campaign.

For a review of the Lookout, check out Ed Jelley's site. For a review of the Sassafras, check out From the Pen Cup. For a review of the Hightower, check out Well Appointed Desk and No Pen Intended

The Chimneytop

The Maryapple - Field Notes not included. 

The Lookout

The Hightower

The Sassafras

The Brasstown