Review - The Roost

I have backed [The Roost Stand][RSK] on [Kickstarter][K] many moons ago. It has finally arrived a month or so ago. I backed the all black Roost with "Original Kickstarter Backer" engraved. It costs me USD$65 + USD$20 for shipping that makes it roughly slightly over SGD$105 for me.

The Roost is a laptop stand. There are many option out there available in Singapore such as Twelve South's HiRise or the cheap laptop stands sold on Qoo10. I choose to back the Roost because it is the most portable option that I have seen. There is limited real estate on my table and in my room so I like that the Roost is foldable and really really portable.

The build of the Roost is really light but strong. It is made of carbon fiber and Delrin. Deploying the Roost is really easy but I had a little trouble getting the screen catches to fit into the gap between the keyboard and screen. Initially I had wondered if I am having trouble because my 15" MacBook Pro Retina has a Speck case on it. Turns out that I was just not able to align the catches properly.

The Roost is very stable even with my MacBook Pro on it. I can easily move the entire stand with my laptop on it without trouble or worries. I am really happy with the Roost. It has since corrected my sitting posture and I have suffered from no neck and shoulder pain since. I highly recommend the Roost who needs to use a laptop as a main computer. Please check out their site if you are curious. Now if only there is one there looks good for a regular computer screen.