Review - Simple Wallet 2.0

I just received my green edition of Simple Wallet 2.0 2 weeks ago. Simple Wallet 2.0 was funded on October 5th while I had backed another wallet kickstarter, namely the Band-it wallet. The Band It was funded in July 16th yet I recevied my Band-it 3 days after I got the Simple Wallet. What happened to the Band It, I really don't know. But this post isn't about the Band-It.

I had expected the Simple Wallet to be at least stiffer than what I had received. Perhaps I was mislead myself by basing my expectation on the photos. It was stated very clearly that on their Kickstarter page that the wallet will be constructed using soft Italian leather and high-quality elastic.

My initial thought of the Simple Wallet was it couldn't hold its shape very well when it is empty. And as expected, Singaporeans would have to fold their notes at least 3 times to get them to fit into the Simple Wallet. I have my worries on how well the wallet would be able to hold its shape and the credit cards I have inside in long term usage. For example, I have 6 cards and 6 notes folded thrice in the wallet. Maybe after spending some money, I have a whole bunch of $2 notes. This forces the wallet to expand. With this repeated change between more stuff and less stuff, will the Simple Wallet be able to retain it's original shape and size to keep a bare minimum of cards in the wallet without everything falling out.

It will probably tell with time. I would have to report back after a week with the Simple Wallet. Kudos to the Simple Wallet for delivering the wallet in a timely fashion.

After using the Simple Wallet for a week. I have concluded that my initial thoughts were valid. The Simple Wallet would expand fit 6 cards but it would cause the wallet to bulge so to accomodate the cards. It didn't help that my Simple Wallet had a stripped across the length of the wallet. It was kind of ugly to have the wallet bulge and the strip that runs across the length to distort and not be straight anymore. There were also a couple of stray threads coming loose as I used the wallet.

Next week a review on the Band It wallet.