Nanowrimo Lessons

It's done! My story is done! Rewind 4 weeks prior, I foolishly decided to take part in Nanowrimo this year. Writing 50k words in a month is no joke. It wasn't easiest thing in the world to do. I can safely declare that I have failed. My story clocked in at slightly over 22k words. Getting the motivation to write over a thousand words everyday is really really hard. Though this time I had taken the time to outline my story, I failed to recognise that I didn't have enough plot to go 50k. I am sure I have fluff up parts of the story but it would probably just read like fluff.

Lessons learnt

Taskpaper is an excellent outlining tool. I was glad that I didn't run with my crazy idea that I would be able to write better if I got Scrivener. Writing a full length novel in Byword is probably going to be a bad idea, since I had some trouble with my novella.

Don't worry, not all my lessons learnt are software related. I learnt I really am not cut out for writing anything long. My blog posts here are as long as I can bring myself to write in a single setting. Anything else longer, I would probably get bored and would just want to stop. I enjoy the brain storming part of "writing" a novel but not the actual writing. I absolutely hate the editing part, which is jus plain old re-writing. (I haven't even got started on the editing.) Every step of the way as I write all I can think of is how bad my writing is.

I would probably not attempt next year's Nanowrimo. My only wish now is to get the editing done so that there are no serious plot holes or continuity issues. I would then release it into the wild.