Review - Band It Wallet

I received my Band it wallet rather late. It was one of the first few Kickstater campaign that I have backed. I will admit that I was disappointed at how long it took to get my hands on the Band it. It was after all in my eyes a simple design made with 2 different materials. This disappointed was compounded when I received another minimalistic Kickstarter wallet, namely the Simple Wallet 2.0

All my disappointment fell away when I had the Band it in my hands. I liked the way that it was able to hold its shape without any cards inside. The stiff leather is nice to the touch and the stiching is strong and neat. There were no stray threads. (I had some on the Simple Wallet.)

One of my major concern for the Simple Wallet was how easy it was to insert and retrieve folded cash from the wallet. After using both for a week, I can say that it wasn't easy on the Simple Wallet but on the Band it it was so much easier. The Band it seemed to be divided into 2 sections thanks to the way it was stiched. What I did was to put 3 cards on each "side" and slot my folded cash right into the middle. Easy in, easy out. Even with just one card in the Band it, the card remained in the wallet even after I shake the wallet.

In the battle of the minimalistic wallet, I declare the Band it the winner as my wallet of choice. Simple Wallet didn't get my vote because I had preferred the stiff leather of the Band it that allows it to hold its shape regardless of the number of cards I have in it.