Making the move

Alternate Haven is the name of my blog. This blog is in what is probably it’s 5th incarnation. I started with a geocities site, hands up if you still remember that. That one I created when I just learnt Dreamweaver and I crafted it more or less using tables and photoshop. Then, I had a livejournal blog for a while which was quickly left to lauguish on it own. After that, I had a tumblr which had a focus on my photographs, I have since closed it after moving all my photos to 500px. Next was my Wordpress site and now the latest one at Squarespace.

This is actually the first time I had paid for a service which hosts my website. The difference between paid and free is truly jarring. The templates on squarespace is very manipulable and everything is customisable. There is a wide range of fonts to choose from and importing my exisiting wordpress content over is a breeze.

I went with the unlimited annual plan. It was 20% of the regular $20/mth price. Coupled that with a Back to Work coupon (Cash), I got another 10% off the total price. That roughly worked out to be about $222 SGD for me which is less than $20 a month. This is more than affordable with the amount of easy customisation Squarespace is offering. I even got a free .com domain for signing up for the annual plan.

Though I have just made the move from Wordpress for last than a week, I am really liking Squarespace. Give Squarespace a try, they have a 14 day free trial.