Stationary - New buys

I went shopping today and I got some new toys from Kinokuniya's stationary department.

I have eyeing some pens on Jetpens for a long time now. Ever since I have been listening to the Pen Addict podcast.

I am looking at you, Brad and Myke. This is all your fault.

Ok back to the actual point of the post. I got my first fountain pen in the form of the Pilot Petit 1. It is shorter than a normal pen but I guess I am meant to use it with the cap posted on the pen. The pen is very light and it feels cheap. I got the Pilot Petit 1 for SGD$4.

Next, I got the Uni Kuru Toga. There were quite a few different types of Kuro Toga at Kinokuniya. The one I got was the SGD$19 version. I got a SGD$7 version for a friend.

I can't wait to put these new toys to the test.

Pilot Petit 1

Uni Kuru Toga Black