Comfortable is dangerous

This blog post is inspired by Dan Benjamin’s QUIT!

I have been working more or less on a full time basis since 2004. I stayed at my first job for 5 years. It was 4 years longer than it was good for me but I was too comfortable there.

Comfotable? Isn’t that what people want out of a job? A comfortable job that you are vaguely compentent at with a comfotable salary in an okay location with vaguely compentent colleagues and boss?

Those things are all nice and good but being comfortable is the silent killer to your growth in your professional life. You stop learning because you have stopped moving. You’ll stagnate and stop growing. You will be dead from the inside out.

I didn’t leave my first job after the first year because the money was good, the yearly increment was even better. And there were challenges coming in the form of a high turn-over rate which required me to train and re-train people constantly. Though the situation wasn’t exactly prefect but I had put roots down and I buried myself in the work. 5 years went by I popped my head up and realised what had happened. The world has passed me by. I have missed many opportunities so I tendered my resignation and moved on.

Quit if your job sucks. Quit if your pay is bad. Quit if you are too comfortable. What if you are in the prefect job?

Ask yourself, is it really the prefect job or are you just too comfortable?