Homescreen - June 2013

I have been trying to keep track of how my homescreen changes for a while now. Though this is the first that I have uploaded to my blog.

First Row

Phone - More often to check on my missed calls then to actually call anyone. More often then not, swipe over to spotlight to look for the right contact to call.

Messages - Also to check on any incoming smses than to send them. In Singapore, What's app is the popular choice.

Fantastical - To quickly add events into my calendar. I also have Fantastical on the Mac.

Downcast - For all my podcast listening needs.

Second Row

[Taskpaper]( my lists. Lists of things to buy, bills to pay, things to do. I also have Taskpaper for the Mac.

Byword - I use Byword to access the notes on my Dropbox. One issue I have is that it doesn't keep a copy of the notes on the phone. So I can't use Byword to access my notes with there is no 4G or wifi.

Chrome - For all my website browsing needs. I have a bookmarklet that sends my links from Safari to Chrome.

Capture - Launch the app and it instantly starts recording. All the better to catch the little moments in life.

Homescreen - June 2013

Third Row

Guitar Toolkit - Great for tuning my guitar and ukulele.

Calcbot - A wonderful calculator from Tapbots. I just love the sounds.

Twitterific - I have recently switched from Tweetbot to Twitterific. Right now, I dig the larger fonts and animated bird logo.

Photos - To view all my photos and videos.

Fourth Row

Weather Lah - The app to check on Singapore weather. All other "international" weather apps that I have used doesn't come close.

Settings - To easily switch on and off airplane mode. No, I don't take planes often but this is used as a troubleshooting measure.

Riposte - My client of choice. I wish it has a iPad version.

Due - For all timed remainders and events that happen on a regular schedule. I also have the Mac app for this.

Fifth Row

Soulver - I use Soulver to keep track of my expenses. I have Soulver everywhere on my iPad and Mac.

Lift - A habit tracking app that I have just started using. So far, the clean interface is really nice.

Instapaper - My read it later app of choice. Though it is not maintained as often of late. I look forward to what Betaworks would do for Instapaper.

Gmail - I have return to the standard Gmail app. Previously I was using Mailbox but I didn't like the way it messes with my folders. I am still on the hunt for a suitable replacement for Sparrow.


Drafts - This is my Launch Centre Pro for all my writing apps.

1Password - The one repository of all my passwords.

Launch Centre Pro - A shortcut to all my other frequently used for non essential apps.

What's App - Singapore's messaging service of choice.