Review - Lamy Pico

I spied this little pen named Lamy Pico at NBC Stationary at Bugis Junction roughly a month ago. Since then the pen is always on my mind. Finally, just the past weekend, Kinokuniya has a 10% discount off on all stationary. I caved and purchsed myself the imperial blue Lamy Pico. It comes in 6 different colours and finish. The Lamy Pico comes stock with a M nib black refill. I got a F nib blue refill just so I could test it out. The Lamy Pico is SGD$79 and the refill is SGD$5.90.

I love the way the pen feels in my hand. The weight of the pen is very reassuring. The retracting mechinism feels smooth and well made though sometimes it can get stuck and you need to push the tip in again to get the pen nib to protrude correctly.

The Lamy logo protrudes from the body of the pen. The idea is to stop the pen from rolling down and off the table. That has saved the pen from taking a sky dive from my table countless of times.

Perhaps, I have been too spoilt by the smoothness of the Uni-ball Jetstream. The Lamy’s nibs cannot compare to the Jetstream’s. For now, I am more than willing to look aside from that and enjoy the pen.

Overall the pen is without a doubt pricey but it has a nice balance and weight. It writes ok, not as smooth as the Jetstream but still acceptablely. Uni-ball just take my money and make a refill for the Lamy Pico . Then, I will have found my perfect pen for now…

Lamy Pico retracted

Lamy Pico  extended