Judge and jury

Since the beginning of this year that isn’t yet 6 months old, there has been a whole slew of bad news coming in from all over the world. Bad news for humanity as a whole. How does this affect us as a species is for another blog post. News like women being gang raped in India, then in China a girl was ran over twice without any passerby helping her, the bombing in Boston. The reaction over such news always come fast and furious, especially over Facebook, a social media site that is used by many SIngaporeans.

I have seen a link to a video where a Turkish boy was beaten in China, while people just laughed at him. There are many similar posts in my Facebook feed. The caption that accompanied the link was very clear in what the poster think should be done to the people bullying the boy in the video, namely they should be shot.

True, what the people did to the boy was inexcusable but at the same time, I wonder if the person who posted the link with the caption ever took a step back to think. Is it right to say someone deserved to die just because of this one act that was captured on video? I know this is venturing into the territory of capital punishment and such.

I feel with the advent of the internet and especially social media sites, such news and information can be shared rapidly and easily without much thought. Though, the internet bring us closer to the “scene” by means of videos or photos, but at the same time it distanced us from the event to the point we felt comfortable to sit in our chair and act as armchair judges and passing sentences to people. I am gulity of this at times too. That’s why I think this is a point that needs saying. We should all take a step back and give a thought or two to the words we release onto the internet.

I am in no position to judge and decide the “bad guys” should die, neither can you.