Review: Bose AE2

I have been looking for a pair of good headphone to replace my Sennheiser HD429. I dug through pages after pages of forum posts and had hands on time with a number of shortlisted headphones at Stereo. I have finally settled on the Bose AE2.

Aethetically, the AE2 is very nice and simple. I got myself the white version. The black version is nice but it looks just like any other pair of headphones. The white ones goes nicely with my MacBook Pro and they really stand out.

The leather-like cushions that nestle over your ears are by the far the most comfortable ones I have ever experienced. The comfort level of these cushions are on par to the Skullcandy Aviator. There is a small pad of cushion at the top of the head band. It is made of fabric like material, probably to help absorb prespiration. Also, the AE2 is light. It isn’t heavy like some Shure headphones that weigh your head down when you put them on. The way the AE2 clamps around your head isn’t too tight. You won’t be getting a headache from heavy usage.

I like the Bose AE2 because they fulfil one very important thing for me. The cable comes out of just one side of the headphones, the left in the case of the AE2. The cable is wrapped with a material that made it slightly stiffer than usual. That way the cable isn’t as prone to tangles.

The AE2 is very portable. It comes with a small pouch. The headphones swivel to be able to lay flat. Once it is flat it doesn’t take up too much space. And being light, the headphones doesn’t add too much weight to your backpack or handbag.

Personally, I can’t comment too much about the sound quality as I am not an audiophile. All I can say is this pair of headphones isn’t very bass heavy. I don’t like too much bass so if I enjoy it, the AE2 probably doesn’t have much bass. It is perfect for my type of rock and pop music.

I got my pair of Bose AE2 from The Headphone Shop in Seoul Korea. It costs me 170,000 KRW. The price in Singapore is SGD$219. The AE2 comes in another version known as the AEi. The AEi has a remote on the cable that allows you to change the tracks and adjust the volume as well as use the headphones as a hands free set and it is comptiable with the iPhone. That feature is going to cost you SGD$269. In my humble opinion, it is probably not worth the price premium.

If you are looking for a comfortable pair of headphones, you can’t go wrong with the Bose AE2.

Bose AE2 White

Head band

Folded flat