Kickstarter is, for those who have been leaving under a rock, a website where people with ideas can get funding from the community to execute their projects. It can be a product, a music album, a piece of art, basically almost anything can be submitted. What the community get by backing various projects are rewards specified by the project starter. These rewards are staggered based on the level of your contribution to the project. Projects only get successfully funded when pledges reach a certain pre-specified amount. Not every projects gets funded. Not every project that get funded have satisfied backers. Think of it this way, your contribution is a donation not as a pre-order of the product. That way you will not be disappointed if a project fails to deliver on it's promise.

I have recently got serious about backing Kickstarter projects. The major thing that held me back previously was the expensive shipping rates for the cooler projects. Sometimes, the rewards are not available for international backers. These are my recently backed projects.

The Name of the Wind Playing cards - I backed this project because the artwork really caught my eye plus I am a big fan of Patrick Rothfuss's Kingkiller Chornicles. The project has successfully been funded. I am looking forward to receiving it at the end of the year.

Mutator - I found out about this project from one of the many websites I follow, I forgot which. The idea behind this nifty little device is just plug the Mutator into your phone's earphone jack to totally mute your phone. And if you want sound and alarms to come through just twist it. It's a very interesting idea and I am curious. For a while I had thought the project might not get successfully funded but right at the last minute Mutator reached its goal. So I can look forward to getting my Mutator come october this year.

The Roost - The Roost is basically a laptop stand. Yes there are many similar products already in the market, like the Twelve South's HiRise. What I really liked about the Roost is the small footprint when deloyed, and it is so portable! The project easily reached its goal. Delivery date for the Roost is august 2013, that sounds awfully fast. I'd look forward to it.

Band-It - I am also interested in small and minimalist type wallets. Kickstater has no shortage of such projects. Band-It is really really small. It doesn't even envelope your cards. I think very stylish looking. It would make for a good card holder and wallet for me. Estimated delivery for the Band-It is august 2013. This should be easier to make as compared to the Roost. I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Retrakt - Retrakt is a retractable pen made by the guys from Karas Kustoms. I have heard about Karas Kustoms from The Pen Addict podcast. Brad Dowdy and Mike Hurley, the hosts of the show, have had been Dan Bishop from Karas Kustoms on the show to talk about their pen projects for a few times. And I being the proud pen addict that I am, readily took the plunge and ordered myself a Retrakt! Looking forward to its arrival when november rolls around.

As you can see I am a newly minted Kickstarter addict. I hope this doesn't turn into a problem for me.