This site was recently featured in one of 5by5's podcast, Cmd+space. As I hear Myke try to describe what my site is about, I realised he had trouble pin-pointing what this site's focus.

I began this site as a place for me to air my thoughts and opinions about all manner of topics. I had hope to gain an audience. (Obviously, otherwise all this will be written down in my Day One app) I think it goes without saying, I am having trouble sustaining any kind of readership. I know I should focus on the content, I shouldn't be chasing after page views. I can't help it. Is this a sign of immaturity?

I need to either be ok with little to no readership or refocus this site. Right now Althaven features my photography, my resume (which should definitely move to a domain of my name), my thoughts on apps, homescreen, games, pens, quotes from books I read, insights I have gleaned from the office and well my thoughts in general. Right now, most of the kicking off point for most of my posts are things that are covered in podcasts or events that happened around me. Lately, the well is running kind of dry and I am running through the backlog of posts that I had prepared.

I hereby announce that my site is going on a hiatus while I figure this out. Then, I hope to apply myself to the site with renewed focus.