The danger of being too good at what you do

Why is it that it seems to me that if you are good at what you do, you don't get rewarded? You might be recognized but it seems that it just causes you to be stuck at where you are. You are stuck doing what are you so good at. You are not given the chance to move, to try or experience new things. Instead the boss needs you to stay where you are. You are so good and effective a cog in the machinery that giving you new duties will impact efficiency. Or so the boss thinks so.

I would think any boss would nurture a good employee by keeping us challenged. An employee not challenged is a bored employee. This just lead to most sane people moving onto greener pastures. This is almost like we are being encourged to coast. I guess this ties back to one of my older entry - Comfortable is dangerous.

It is my belief that everyone has to take responsibilty for their actions and inactions. Nobody owes you or me anything. As an employee if I coast, that's my fault. I don't deny that I have done that before or might still be coasting but that's my choice. However, as employers, the bosses of companies rewards good behaviour with more of the same work, that just doesn't make any sense. That's like the bosses being comfortable and that's dangerous for everyone.