Top 5 pens - 2013

Number 5 Pilot G2 - 0.7mm

This is my go-to pen when I was still studying in school. It is a work horse pen for me. 0.7mm is my preferred size. However, one issue I had with the Pilot G2 is the dry time. Being a lefty, I tend to smudge the ink as I write. Otherwise, the Pilot G2 is a very good pen for me.

Number 4 Fisher Space Pen - Blueberry Bullet

I got the Fisher Space pen because it was recommended in many many sites as a good pen for lefties. The pen works like a wonder. It writes under every situation. It is small, light and so pocketable. Everyone should check it out if they are looking for a portable pen.

Number 3 Pilot Rexgrip pen - 0.7mm

The Pilot Rexgrip is my alternative to the Pilot G2 - smooth writing without the smudging. It's another worthy pen to check out if you haven't had the chance.

Number 2 Retro 51

I was first introduced to the Retro 51 pens when I listened to The Pen Addict podcast. Out of curiousity I ordered one from The moment I put pen to paper, I was in love with the Retro 51. It has everything. Looks, style and great smooth rollerball ink refills. Thus far, I owe 4 Retro 51 pens.

Number 1 Uni Mitsubushi Jetstream 0.7mm

Finally my number 1 pen, the Uni Jetstream specifically in 0.7mm. The writing experience is in my humble opinion the best amongst the pens listed here.

Posted on August 3, 2013 and filed under Stationary, Top 5.