Top 5 pens - 2013

Number 5 Pilot G2 - 0.7mm

This is my go-to pen when I was still studying in school. It is a work horse pen for me. 0.7mm is my preferred size. However, one issue I had with the Pilot G2 is the dry time. Being a lefty, I tend to smudge the ink as I write. Otherwise, the Pilot G2 is a very good pen for me.

Number 4 Fisher Space Pen - Blueberry Bullet

I got the Fisher Space pen because it was recommended in many many sites as a good pen for lefties. The pen works like a wonder. It writes under every situation. It is small, light and so pocketable. Everyone should check it out if they are looking for a portable pen.

Number 3 Pilot Rexgrip pen - 0.7mm

The Pilot Rexgrip is my alternative to the Pilot G2 - smooth writing without the smudging. It's another worthy pen to check out if you haven't had the chance.

Number 2 Retro 51

I was first introduced to the Retro 51 pens when I listened to The Pen Addict podcast. Out of curiousity I ordered one from The moment I put pen to paper, I was in love with the Retro 51. It has everything. Looks, style and great smooth rollerball ink refills. Thus far, I owe 4 Retro 51 pens.

Number 1 Uni Mitsubushi Jetstream 0.7mm

Finally my number 1 pen, the Uni Jetstream specifically in 0.7mm. The writing experience is in my humble opinion the best amongst the pens listed here.