Going iPad Mini exclusive for 7 days

Last week I sent my Macbook Pro in for repairs. The bluetooth connection between my MBP and my Mighty mouse has been weird at best. The connection drops intermittently but the system preferences will still show at the Mighty Mouse is still connected though nothing happens when you wiggle the mouse. Nothing corrects this problem other than a restart. This can be a real pain especially if you are researching and writing a blog post. There is no way you want such an interruption if you are on a roll.

Regardless, this isn't the point of the post. This post is to describe my life with my iPad mini. A basic rundown of what I usually do with my MBP from day to day. I watch drama serials, write blog posts, surf the internet. I skim through Facebook, check Twitter and listen to podcasts and Spotify. I would say I consume media more than I create them on my MBP.

My first step is to pair an Apple Wireless Keyboard to the iPad Mini. Typing on the iPad Mini in the long term just isn't ideal. With my MBP gone, I had lost access to Spotify because I wasn't a premium member so access to music via the Spotify app for me. Logging into Facebook and Twitter is still fine for me because I use Facebook's native app and Twitterrific on the iPad Mini. Watching dramas on the MBP changed to watching Youtube videos via Safari app on the iPad Mini. This in particular was a pain. The volume of the videos on the iPad Mini wasn't loud enough for me to hear so I am constantly on my headphones. The iPad Mini's screen isn't all that great when you compare it to my Retina MBP. I write my blog posts on Byword and post them straight to my Squarespace site using the app so that wasn't so bad. Though switching between Safari and Byword is a pain at times. With Dropbox all my notes are easily accessible. How I wish there is a built in browser on Byword . Check out the new Editorial app for that particular feature

However, all in all, using my iPad Mini exclusively for an entire week wasn't as bad as I had expected. It wasn't the tough and hard wait for my beloved MBP to return to my hands again. Though I am actually typing this out on my MBP, I wouldn't mind going all iPad Mini only. Nevertheless, let's just hope that my MBP doesn't need another trip to the doctor again.