Still rubbish

I have been thinking. What is the purpose of my blog? Here are the thoughts that came mind.

  • A collection of thoughts about products, services, software and media used and consumed.
    • Reviews of apps used
    • Reviews of movies watched
    • Reviews of products used like my Jack Wolfskin bag pack review.
    • Reviews of software used like my take on FCPx vs. FCP7
  • A collections on my discoveries like things on Kickstarter or new podcasts.
  • A collections of thought that I have listening to podcasts or reading books or living life in general.

I wonder would it make a difference if I blogged under my own name. I have read some blogs that does all that but they have a core focus. I still find myself floudering about. I decide that I have to give myself permission to suck at this for a while. Like Merlin said the only way out is through. (or was it Dan?)

Right now the plan is:
1. Continue to write and post weekly (Very important)
2. Flouder somemore.