Kickstarter - Simple Wallet 2.0

I have just recently backed a new Kickstarter project called Simple. It is yet another minimalist wallet design but this time in leather. I am sure there are plenty of similarly designed wallets on Kickstarter.

I wasn't on the market for a new wallet. I am stilling waiting for the arrival of my previously backed wallet - the Band-It I was browsing around on Kickstarter when Simple caught my eye. It really is as simple as it is named.

Basically it comprises of a leather card holder with a O-ring attached to one end and an elastic band that warps around on one side of wallet. The O-ring is to allow you to attach your keys to it while the elastic band is to slide your iPhone into. That way wherever you go your wallet, keys and phone are a single entity. You are less likely to forget about it. I love the colours and designs that they offer. And I have trouble deciding which should I get. Regardless, it is a well designed wallet. I especially like that I can choose to have my name embossed on the wallet.

The project has already exceeded its goal and there are 38 more days to go. Anyone who is interested just go ahead and click on the link and check it out. I'll will be writing a review on it once I have it in my hands.