Inaction is an action

Life is define mostly by our decisions we make, the actions we take but have we ever consider about our inaction is also an action in and of itself? Missed opportunities, doors that are opened for a while and then closed forever or maybe even words left unsaid never to leave our lips.

Inactions that affect oneself is bad enough what about the inactions or maybe just inertia on a company's part that affects everyone in the company. Or worse betraying the ultimate purpose of a company's existance - to make money for its stakeholders.

That's the part that doesn't make sense at all. Why would any company allow that to happen? Usually, this happens to bigger companies where there are many layers of approval or commonly known as red tape required before any plan can be put in place and then implemented. This is what I called management inertia and this is sadly not limited to larger corporations. I am sure there is a better term for it somewhere out there. This isn't a new idea.

I have seen this happen many times where a company somehow maneuver itself into a corner and the only way out is to throw money at the problem. Though ample warning have been given that a certain situation is becoming critical but inertia or inaction made the issue blow up in everyone's faces.

I hope everyone can at least acknowledge that inaction is also an action. Inertia is also a type of inaction. Moving too slowly is also a type of inertia. Most of us are just working as the tiny cogs within the larger corporate machine should take responsibility if we just sit back and watch the train wreck itself.

I just wish that I would only regret for the actions I have taken or not taken but never because I was unable to decide.