Relaunching Althaven

I am relaunching with a new design. I have re-designed the site with a focus to be able to find things quickly. I realised that this was a problem when I had trouble locating my own old posts

The first thing to go is the template. I wanted a sidebar to help add useability to the site. I have added search on the side bar as well a running feed of my twitter and instagram stream. This is mostly vainity. I am also getting another website for my profession portfolio, so those part will be removed once my personal site is up and running.

I have thought about the things that Althaven is going to cover. Basically there are two types of posts you will find here.

1. PIck of the month?
These are usually reviews of some sort. It may be an app or product review, a write up of a kickstarter project that I have backed, or my thoughts about a PS3 game that I had played. Basically, my opinions on anything that piques my interest.

2. Thoughts
These are reflection of some insight I gained from work or thoughts I have about things that I heard discussed about on my favourite podcasts.