Homescreen - iOS7 Oct 2013

An updated look at the new arrangement of my homescreen with the introduction of the brand new iOS 7.

Row 1
I almost never use my messages app anymore. I text others via What's App almost exclusively now. But I have the app here so that I know if I received any regular text messages.

This is my alternative free app to the stock Contacts app. It allows you to link your facebook and address books. You can link Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Foursquare and Xing if you purchase for it via in app purchase.

Weather Lah
My app of choice to check on Singapore weather. It provides me a crowd source nowcast of the weather as well as information from NEA.

My podcatcher app of choice right now. It is looking extremely beautiful with the new app update.

Row 2
Guitar Toolkit
I am learning how to play the guitar and I have pretty much got the open chords down. So I use this to find guitar tabs, so that I can learn new songs for the guitar.

Launch and a video starts recording. Never miss a single second. Sadly, I think this app has been removed from the app store.

Homescreen - iOS7 Oct 2013

Homescreen - iOS7 Oct 2013

Typic Pro
I use this app to add text to my photos before posting them onto Facebook or Instagram.

Back in Black
Back in Black really does bring me back in black. My expense tracker and budget planning app of choice.

Row 3
I use Byword to view and edit my text files linked via Dropbox. The new update of Byword added new navigation button as well as updated the shortcut bar above the regular keyboard.

Wood Camera
Currently I am using Wood Camera to edit my photo editing before routing them to Typic Pro and then to Instagram or Facebook. I used to use Kitcam for my photo editing but Kitcam had since been bought over by Yahoo and my favourite app is no more. Right now I am trying Wood Camera out as a replacement.

To quickly launch and change my settings.

I use this app to keep track of where I charge which purchases and total up my spending. It is a wonderful gem of an app of which I haven't exploit its full potential.

Row 4
This is where I put all my reminders and to dos that are time sensitive. It also allows me to set quick timers. This syncs up to it's big brother on the Mac. Extremely effective if used as a snooze alarm, especially if both your phone and mac are chiming away asking you to get out of the bed.

My current app of choice to browse my tweets. I may switch back to Tweetbot in the future if their latest updates look good.

Reading stuff later with Instapaper. Getting my RSS fix via Feedly, skim through using Reeder and sent to Instapaper for my enjoyment later.

I have been using Dispatch for quite a while now. It allows me to filter and delete emails from different accounts quickly and cleanly. Though for some reason it doesn't work with my office email server.

Row 5
My calandar app currently. I have a thing against stock apps so where possible I look for better alternatives though I am not what you would call a power user. Agenda has a new look and icon. I love that it allows me to send reminders to Due via the app. Though I wish that it would let me set no reminders on my events by default.

To view and enjoy my photos and videos.

Web browser of choice for my desktop and mobile.

Begin is a simple to-do app which concentrate on what you need to do today and tomorrow. It has a simple and easy to use UI that reminds me of Clear and at the same time. This used to be a paid app but it is now free. You have nothing to lose if you want to give it a try. I highly recommend this app if you are into the Bullet Journal but don't want to mess with notebooks and pens.

App launch for all my text editing needs. Quick launch to take a note and then send it off to a variety of text editors. Append and prepend what you have typed to an existing note with ease. Plus, there are tons of customisation you can do with url actions.

1Password to rule them all. Keeping my passwords and sensitive information safe since 2012.

Launch Center Pro
Launch Center Pro works like an app launch with shortcuts to various apps. Or you could launch apps with actions embeded. Another wonderful app that takes advantage of url scheme.

What's App
Most Singaporeans have stopped using SMS to text one and another. What's app is probably the app of choice for most of us.