Review: Pilot Iroshizuku Asa Gao Ink

Bottle of Pilot Iroshizuku Asa Gao

I recently got a friend to purchase a bottle of Pilot Iroshizuku Asa Gao. I got it for 1575 yen. It is my very first bottle of ink. I am very taken by the beautiful bottle that all Iroshizuku inks come in. I was so excited that I flushed a half used ink cartridge just so I could start using the new ink!

The ink has a good flow. It is a solid coporate-like blue shade. The dry time is good for a lefty. There is slight shading from the picture on the right but it should be more obvious with a boarder nib.

There was very little smudging even with just 5s of dry time. By 15s it was completely dry.

This is my first ink review, do leave a comment if I missed out on anything that you would like to find out.

Written with: Kaweco ICE Sport M Nib Written by: A Lefty Paper used: Kokuyo Campus Notebook

Pilot Iroshizuku - Asa Gao

Posted on January 18, 2014 and filed under review, Stationary.