Caution - Be wary of Media Discovery

A few weekends ago, I recevied an email from Media Discovery asking me if I wanted to sell advertising space on my blog. I was naturally overjoyed. However, I was also skeptical. Realistically, I doubt my blog has the traffic or the niche audience that advertisers would be interested to reach, yet (I hope).

So I decided that I should probably google about them. Just a couple of minutes of goggling, there is no shortage of articles on the company and there was nothing good. There are some articles that claim that it is all a scam. Others claim that they are just shifty and shitty, trying to hide behind blog owners. Apparently what they do might get blogs delisted from Google.

Email from Media Discovery

I was disappointed to say the least, I had thought I might be able to make some money out of my blog, side income if nothing else. I also thought that I might be jumping to conclusions. After all, a company might (but probably not) have changed its modus operandi, I should be open and reply. Who knows where it might lead?

Long story short, they are offering me SGD$80 a year to misrepresent sponsored advertisement as a blog post to all 3 of my readers (Joking).  I urge everyone to be mindful of what you read on the internet. And blog owners do keep in mind what you are trading when you allow advertisements or sponsored posts onto your blog. In my opinion it is always a trade off, taking money and giving space on your site. There is nothing wrong with having advertisements or sponsored posts as long as they are represented as such.