Review: The Block


The Block is a pen holder made of solid walnut by master craftsman Mr. Mike Dudek. Mr Mike Dudek writes pen, pencil, paper product reviews at the Clicky Post. At the same time he makes quality pen and stationary holders at Dudek Modern Goods. I had wanted to get anything from the store for the longest time but I had always put it off because the shipping to Singapore isn't the cheapest. Way back in August, Dudek Modern Goods had a summer sale so I took the opportunity and purchased a Block. Short review: It was totally worth it!


I ordered a Block with an additional request of having larger holes. Mr. Dudek replied within the week asking where I wanted the larger holes. I had elected to have them on one end of the Block. Then, I sat back and eagerly awaited the arrival of my Block. The package arrived in 10 days. It is bubble wrapped inside a cardboard box. The Block came with a handwritten thank you note from Mr. Dudek.


The Block is a solid block of walnut that's smooth to the touch. The corners sanded down. When I run my hand over the pen holes, I don't feel any sharp edges. The inside of the holes feels relatively smooth though they are not as nice to the touch as the exterior of the Block. And the smell is glorious, am I weird? The bottom of the Block comes affixed with 4 small black wooly door buffer style tabs. It protects the Block from being scratched up if I slide the Block carelessly across my table. The Dudek Modern Goods logo is branded on the bottom of the Block. I appreciate it that Mr. Dudek choose to have the logo at the bottom. That way it preserved the clean look the Block has.

The small foot print of the Block surprised me. I had expected it to be larger but I'm glad it is smaller. Real estate on my table is hard to come by. Without hesitation I emptied the pens in my old pen holder. (I was using a plastic Muji toothbrush holder). I love the way the Block holds the pens, all of them are now in easy access.

I had been asked if I was worried the pens would be scratched when taking the pen in and out of the pen holes. I will admit that I am a little concerned when I just got the Block. Now that I have been using it for months now, I have no fear of that at all. None of my pens have been scratched as a result of using the Block.


The Block is a simple, hand made piece of functional art. I love the way it looks on my table. It fulfils its function of a pen holder amazingly. If you are keen you get yourself a handmade wooden pen holder do take a look at Mr. Mike Dudek's shop.

- Sturdy
- Small foot print
- Larger holes are available if needed

- Shipping cost

Posted on November 8, 2014 and filed under review, Stationary.