Review: Muji Fountain Pen + Giveaway

Happy New Year, all fountain pen lovers! This the first post of 2015. As a way to celebrate the new year I am doing a giveaway of this particular fountain pen. Please read all the way to the end for details of this giveaway! Thank you. Now onto the review.

The Numbers:
Weight: 20g
Length (capped): 138mm
Length (uncapped): 125mm
Length of cap: 40mm
Price: SGD$23 from Muji Singapore
Material: Metal
Filling Mechanism: Cartridge (Included) / Converter (sold seperately)
Colours: Available only in silver

If anyone haven't heard of Muji, it is a live style shop from Japan that specializes in selling goods with designed with an eye for simplicity. They carry a number of stationary as well, including gel ink and fountain pens. Muji has two models of fountain pens, the pocket model and the full length model. Today I am reviewing the full length Muji fountain pen.

Following Muji's design philosophy, the Muji full length fountain pen looks almost zen-like in its appearence. The entire fountain pen has a textured silver finish. I enjoy the texture of the finish. It gives the fountain pen a luxrious feel though the Muji fountain pen is surprisingly affordable.

The barrel is of a single diameter from the cap to the end of the barrel. The girth of the Muji fountain pen is slim. If you have large hands, you might not be comfortable for you. The grip section is has a knurled surface to help with the grip. The knurling isn't sharp and it is comfortable to hold in the hand. The clip is a thin one but it gets the job done and looking fabulous while at it.

The Muji fountain pen's cap is surprisingly short but it posts at the end of the barrel with no problems. However, posting the cap extends the entire fountain pen. The length looks comical in my hand. The fountain pen is well belance and posting the cap doesn't affect that. Though the Muji full length fountain pen is made of metal, it is still relatively lightweight. It's lighter than the Pilot Metropolitan in any case.

The Muji full length fountain pen comes in only one nib size. It writes very much like a Japanese medium size. The nib is wet and juicy in my experience. It writes smoothly out of the box and I didn't felt compelled to smoothen the nib in the slightest bit.

The fountain pen comes with a short international cartridge. I found it strange because the barrel can obviously accomodate the long international cartridge. However, if you are inclined to use the short international cartridge you can keep a spare one in the barrel while you have one installed for use. I don't use cartridges so I am using my bottled inks with the Kaweco squeeze converter which fits the pen.

The threads where the barrel unscrews to allow installation for the cartridge or converter is a too short. There are usually a couple of failed attempts at threading the barrel back to the grip section whenever I open the barrel of the Muji fountain pen.

The Muji full length fountain pen is a solid pen that embodies the design spirit of simplicity. It is available at most if not all Muji stores in Singapore. Do check with your nearest Muji outlet if they carry the particular fountain pen.

- Afforadable
- Post-able
- Beautifully designed
- Metal body

- Doesn't come with a converter

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This is a giveaway sponsored by yours truly, using my own money. This is open to everyone all over the world. All you have to do is follow the instruction below.

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