Review: Pilot Iroshizuku Yu Yake

I got a sample of Pilot Iroshizuku Yu Yake when I purchased a TWSBI Mini from Mr. Sunny Koh of Straits Pen. I think you can see a pattern here.

I am really glad to have a chance to try out this ink before plonking money down for a whole bottle. Orange is a nice colour but I think I would hardly use it to warrent an entire bottle.

This ink dries into a whole range of orange shades depending on what paper you use. On lower quality paper, it looks like a dull yellowish type of orange. On higher quality paper, the oranges looks brifhtt and strong.

Shading is super obvious even using an F Nib to write the review. Flow and dry time is on par with most other Iroshizuku inks that I have used before.

Yu Yake is a fun ink but I am sad to say that I would hardly have a purpose for an orange ink.