Review: Nock Co's Lookout

The Lookout

I got this 3 pen holster from a Kickstarter. It is created by Nock Co. The founders are Brad Dowdy, one half of the Pen Addict podcast, and Jeffrey Bruckwicki of J. Bruckwicki P+D. I learnt about Nock Co and their Kickstarter project through the Pen Addict podcast, without hesitation I backed the project.

This how I like my pen case to open in the office

Nock Co

I have been using the Lookout as only pen case for almost 2 months now. I feel I am qualified to review this excellent pen case. Firstly, the price is really attractive, especially for someone who isn't living in the USA. Secondly, the colour combination is just great. The gunmetal exterior paired with the blue jay interior. It is like having a pleasant surprise everytime I flip the cover open. The choice to do not 1, not 2 but a 3 pen holster is really genius. The choice of having just 1 or 2 pens with me is just too limiting but to have the option of 3 pens with me at all times is excellent. The material used for in the manufacturing of the Hightower is a tough canvas that has held up well after 2 months of daily usage.

Gunmetal exterior

Look at the sitching

The interior of the Hightower is slightly padded and your pens will be cradled in its individual coccoon. No pens touching here. I feel my pens are totally safe inside the Hightower. I regularly toss the Hightower onto my bed when I get home from the office. I know that's not a good idea to do that even though it is safe. The individual pouches holds all my pens from Lamy Safari to TWSBI 580 to Pilot Kakuno. However note that my pens are not of wide girth.

I highly recommend anyone who treasures their pens to take a look at Nock Co's Hightower when their online store opens.

Nock Co Hightower

Posted on April 12, 2014 and filed under review, Case.