Review: Parker 45

Parker 45 - Blue-Green

This is my very first vintage pen. I got it from Peyton Street Pens when there was a Parker sale on. The pen is surprisingly affordable and it comes with a free converter. I always had the misconception that vintage = expensive.

Usually I fill my pens with a syringe where possible. When I did so with the Parker 45 I always had a hard time getting it started, even if I tried squeezing ink into the feed. It dries up pretty quickly too if left uncapped even for a little while. It can be a hard starter once that happens. However, once it has started, the nib is a smooth writer.

I like the juxtaposition of the plastic body and metal cap. Usually I use the Parker 45 unposted but it feels a little light and cheap when used that way. However, once you post the cap, that feeling goes away. However it becomes slightly back heavy. I was afraid that the hooded nib might make it hard to clean but luckily that wasn't the case. The nib unit is removable to aid in easy cleaning and if you have another nib size you want to use with the body you can go right ahead and swab the nib unit.

I really enjoy the Parker 45 and I declare it to be a successful first foray into the world of vintage fountain pens.

Update: Thank you to Harvey Levine for letting me know that the nib unit for the Parker 45 is replaceable.


  • Affordable
  • Classic Parker design
  • Light
  • Replaceable nib unit


  • Slight back heavy when posted
Posted on July 4, 2014 and filed under review, Stationary.