Review: Weidlich Needlepoint

Weidlich Needlepoint flex nib pen

The Numbers:
Weight: 14g
Length (capped): 126mm
Length (uncapped): 115mm
Length of cap: 53mm
Material: Plastic
Price: USD$100 from Greg Minuskin
Filling Machanism: Lever Filler

I managed to snipe this pen from Greg Minuskin. As a disclaimer, I am not the Singapore Sniper, those who frequent Greg's site would know what I mean.

This Weidlich fountain pen has a beautiful green marbling pattern with matching gold accents. The pen just photographs so well. I would I could find more information about this pen. If anyone has more information about it please leave a comment below.

The nib is fantastic. It goes from extra fine to board. It is juicy and it keeps up well when I flex the nib. However, the sharp needle point of the extra fine digs into the paper as I do upward strokes. It doesn't how smooth the paper is, it even dig into the Rhodia #16 dotpad. This hooking effect causes the nib to flick ink all over as I attempt to write. I hope I am not damaging the nib. I might have to

I am proud to have this pen in my collection. This is defintely my prettiest pen in my collection. I would love to get someone to take a look at the sharp point of the nib and get it worked on.


  • Flexing
  • Gold nib
  • Beautiful barrel


  • Crazy nib creep for inks that I used with it
  • Scratchy needle point
Posted on October 31, 2014 and filed under Stationary, review.