Review: Pilot Iroshizuku Ina Ho

Currently the way I review my inks is with a standard paper from Muji but without a standard pen. I am trying to revise this by acquiring all the different nib sizes for my TWSBI Mini so that the ink's full potential can be seen with the various nib sizes. This would take time and money so it might be a while before I get the entire range. However while I work towards that, I have an entire batch of ink reviews done before I implemented the new system.


Currently, I alternate between a pen post and an ink post every week as much as possible. Now I am going to step up the ink review posts to clear the old batch of ink review before posting ink reviews with the new system. Re-reviewing the inks is not an option since I have given away the ink samples. From this week onwards, there will be a ink review post every Tuesday till the older reviews are done. Thanks for bearing with me during this time as I try to improve my ink review system. No, onto the ink review.

Is it gold? Or is it brown? I guess it is more gold than brown. Just like all the other Iroshizuku inks I have reviewed, Ina Ho has a good flow and it behaves well in my pen. There is no bleed through and show through However, this ink just isn't speaking to me. It isn't vibrant or bright. It has some shading but not much. It isn't dark enough for regular office use. Plus, the dry time isn't as good as some other Iroshizuku inks.