Review: Nock Co's Sassafras

The Sassafras - empty

Sassafras is Nock Co's five pen bi-fold pen case. How do you pronouce that really? Name aside, the Sassafras is made of durable 1000D nylon with DWR coating on the exterior and nylon pack cloth on the inside. The case has some padding on the exterior protecting my precious pens from knocks and bumps as I carry it around in my bag. The stitching on the Sassafras is tight and durable. The case sports 5 individually seperated slots, 3 standard pen size slots and 2 larger slots, for pens or other stationary like pen knives or ruler and the like. That way your pens don't touch and they won't be scratched up from the shifting and rubbing against each other. Add a flap over the top to protect the clips of the pens, your stationary is well protected. The standard pen slots are wide enough to fit all of my pens. I don't have any super fat fountain pens, the widest one I have is a Lamy Safari.

I enjoy the new colourway introduced by Nock Co when their online store launched last month on 25th June. The mandarin exterior and bluejay interior is really a stroke of genius. Bright and eyecatching, there is no way I would lost this pen case.

Sassafras - filled

However, personally I have a couple of issues with the Sassfras. The case lay nice and flat with there is no pens inside however once it has been loaded up, the case looks awkward and lumpy unlike Nock Co's Lookout. Also I would really prefer that the Sassafras has a elastic band around it or metal buttons similar to those you find on the pockets of cargo pants on the corners to close the case. I find the case as it is now is slightly insecure.

Sassafras - Packed, closed

Sassafras - Packed to the brim

Don't get me wrong, the Sassafras is still a well made product that protects your pens and stationary. However, I transport my pens to and from work on a motorbike so I would like that extra security on my pen case.

Posted on August 2, 2014 and filed under review, Case.