Review: Parker 51

Parker 51

The Numbers:

Weight: 20g
Length (capped): 137mm
Length (uncapped): 127mm
Length of cap: 63mm
Material: Metal cap / Plastic body
Price: SGD$80 from a fellow SFPL
Colours: Too many to list

I got this deep green barrel with a silver cap Parker 51 from another fountain pen lover. This is defnitely an upgrade from my Parker 45.

The juxtaposition of a plastic barrel and a metal cap works really well for the Parker 51. Is this a Parker only design? I particularly enjoy the gold and silver blend on the cap of the pen. The barrel and the grip section is seamless and one part just flows into the other.

Parker 51 - Cap

Parker 51 - Barrel

The Parker 51 is sturdier and hefitier when compared to the Parker 45. I like the weight it has in my hand. The ink capacity is larger. However, I find that the Parker 45 is easier to clean and dismantle. Aligning the nib and the front section of the barrel for the Parker 51 is a chore when you disassemble till you learn a little trick.

The nib is smooth and it is more hooded than the Parker 45. I wasn't able to identify my nib size because there wasn't any indication on the nib itself. I would guess it is probably a F based on the line width.

 Parker 51

The pen is well balanced and can be comfortably used without posting. It can be posted if you want to but that makes it ever so slightly back heavy. There is no much discernable break between the pen barrel and grip section other than the silver centre band. The Parker 51 has a snap on cap so there is no threads around the grip section.

One thing to note is I keep getting ink all over the grip section almost whenever I uncapped the pen. I store the pen upright in a pen holder. This problem is usually solved when I take a cotton swab to clean out the inside of the cap. However, I just don't understand how did the ink get into the inside of the cap.

I am glad that I managed to get my hands on this classic pen. I believe that it is worth every single cent I paid for it.


  • Durable
  • Smooth nib
  • Well balanced
  • Classic Parker design
  • Snap on cap


  • Not easily disassembled
  • Slightly back heavy when posted
Posted on November 14, 2014 and filed under review, Stationary.